Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Combining Various Elements to Create Your Image

Using multiple elements will enhance your image and make for an even more interesting creation. The angle, location, available colors, backdrops and general perspective all contribute to the end result. 

The Beetle on the Wall

In this image I have used the dominant color of the car in the right hand corner against the patterns and almost monotone colors of the city buildings, an example of multiple elements

please note: all images are copyrighted and are for personal use only

Monday, 23 April 2018

What Makes An Image Appealing to the Eye?

When I look through my camera lens, the proposed image in front of me has to be constructed with the available light, have a good sense of framing and needs to be visualised so that the end result has to be appealing not only to my criteria but also to any potential viewer. Your sense of perception is important as well as your creative abilities. Sometimes even the simplest of subjects can make an interesting image.

The Red Fence

This is commonly knows as an "urbanscape" image. It was taken in late afternoon and the location is an inner city car park.

please note: all images are copyrighted and are for personal use only

Sunday, 29 January 2017

The Visual Image.....A Work in Progress

The aim of this blog is to present several forms of visual media, from photography to painting to film and video and everything in between and related. The focus is the visual image as an art form and the creation of it. I will be presenting images and video, both past and present, vintage and contemporary, classic photography, painting on canvas and other mediums, the ever developing film and video styles and other related forms.

I will include hints and tips for the amateur and feature online courses available that can assist anyone with creative urges to develop their talents further.